Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tawau -Asia cocoa capital-

Assalamualaikum..tawau..tawau.. 2 weeks was in Tawau, I'm still stay in Marco Polo I want narrate of Tawau.. Tawau was once a small coastal fishing village under d Sultan of Sulu.. Now a bustling town 4 d cocoa n palm oil plantations industry, it is d industry leader in terms of research n development of cocoa. Visitors 2 tawau must visit d cocoa estate @ Quoin Hill 2 see a 'chocolate' tree hehehe and tour d factory 2 learn d fascinating story of cocoa.

Aside from its cocoa attractions, d town is also famous 4 its seafood..mmg mura2 bah seafood kt sini.. hehe.. D new Central Market ( Pasar Gantung) on Jln Dunlop, (front my hotel)..near d harbour is renowned 4 prawns and fish. An interesting Street Market is held every Sunday morning on d corner of jalan apas and jalan kuhara..(best kt sini).. D open-air night stalls opposite d Sabinho Shopping Complex is also another favourite..bilik kami kt marco polo hotel..servis kt sini x bgus..huhuhu..tawau..

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