Saturday, July 26, 2008




by Imran Ibn Zarkhan Al Shafi

In The Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
All Praise be to the one who Created us;
There are some who make His existence a fuss;
Those who disbelieve in Him, they are in Loss;
In this life we have a test;

The question: whose fear of Allah is the best?To worship him is our quest.
Time and Time again we are faced with situations;
In which we must make tough decisions;
Fools are we, we think we're so smart;
shaytan attacks us with many ideas like darts;
According to him, we plan and chart;
Not knowing that he is poisoning our hearts;

The time comes when we realize the mistake in our Parts;
One last chance!, for some the tauba starts;
Even still, some don't ask of His Forgiveness;
They don't realize that they're in a big mess;
Never do they ask of Allah's Mercy;
They have eyes, but can they really see?;
There are also the righteous however;
Forget to ask Allah?, NEVER!;

They ask Allah in every endeavor;
To help them as part of His Favor;
Then, even if they are affected by Shaytans call;
They are not hurt by the hard fall;
They quickly get back up, standing tall;
Racing to gain forgiveness from The Merciful;
Allah promised to answer the caller's call;
Take a lesson from the fitra of the child;
With the lesson of walking they are trialed;

Yes, they do fall, but they are not beguiled;
They get back up and take a step;
Maybe again they accidentally trip;
But they stand up again and get a grip;
More and more steps take place;

Before you realize it, they are walking with so much grace;
An example for us, as we grow in our age and Deen;
Like the baby, hard challenges we have seen;
As the baby walks with so much grace;
We should also pick up our pace;
We are travelers, there is no question;
To Allah is our ultimate destination!
May the Prayers and blessings of Allah be on His beloved;
and on the companions who prayed and strived;
That the Deen of Allah might be carried on to those who came later;
On high thrones will they be raised in the hereafter;

Advice on Friends!
A real friend wishes his companions well,He's not one who allows them to get close to hell,Always be careful of the friends you Choose,So, in the end, Jannah you will not lose,If you find your companion is not stopping your wrong,then, be weary, his friendship is not strong.If you see the pattern made,that when you are under your friend's shade,Your Imaan begins to fade,Leave the worthless creation,make friends with Allah, Surely that is a high station!.A dervish who had knowledge of our present situation,Once told his students the following dictation,"The meeting of people will never enrich you, save with the gibberish of useless gossip. So diminish your meeting with people, except for knowledge or to improve your condition"




alhamdulillah tesis ku sudah hampir siap..cume tggu komen dari supervisor jer. tajuk tesis ku Penggunaan Multimedia dan Internet dalam Memasarkan Produk..kajian kes ku di sekitar Johor Bahru.. baru aku tahu betapa penatnya nak buat tesis nih..aku kene cari sampel, aku kena wat analisis dan yang paling aku penat sekali ialah menaip..fuh..aku tekad dan berjanji pada diriku yang aku akan sipkan tesis ni dalam bulan ini juga... alhamdulillah atas sokongan adik bradik yang banyak membantu dan sokongan anak2 murid ku..berjaya juga..thanx semua..aku tgk sahabat2 ku di OUM sampai ambil masa 2 tahun tuk setelkn 1 tesis..aku x sggup nk tggu 2 tahun.. bila da siap tesis nih baru aku boleh pikir tuk plan carian kerja..hehe..mggu depan insyaALLAH aku akan ke Kuala Lumpur tuk job sebagai tutor di sana..Alhamdulillah..doakan yg terbaik untukku..

di samping itu aku ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada pelajar2 ku batch dejorney yang mendapat tempat blaja di universiti2 tempatan dan luar negara.. timba la ilmu seadanya..blaja la sbb setiap hari kita akan belajar benda yang baru..capaila kejayaan dunia dan akhirat kerana antum akan puas memilikinya..insyaALLAH..

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